Bastion is a Ark PvP Server based on the Ragnarok map,  it is hosted by HostHavok's servers located in Sydney, Australia.  All settings are as per official server's except for these listed below:

  • x10 Taming
  • x5 Harvest
  • x10 Maturation
  • x5 Experience
  • Ignore Structure Collision During placement
  • Maximum Tribe size of 7
  • x3 Structure Resistance
  • Resource respawn distance greatly reduced (trees, stone, ect...)
  • Explosive devices cost increased to coincide with faster gathering rates.

Events are held on the weekends where those multipliers get doubled (including XP).

The server implements the mods, Structure Plus,  Armor+ , Weapons+Teleport v1.31Classic Flyers and Holgi's Stacking Mod.

There is a Discord Server setup and is open to the public to join.  Private channels can be added on request and discord moderators/admin are wanted (granted on trial basis).